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It is important to clean between your teeth with an ‘interdental’ brush or dental floss.  Cleaning in between your teeth removes plaque and food debris from between your teeth and under your gumline – areas a toothbrush can't reach. You should clean between your teeth at least once a day and particularly where gum pockets exist.  Juliette will show you the best method for cleaning in between your teeth and the most effective interdental cleaning aids

Interdental Brushes : TePe
Tepe brushes are designed to clean in between the teeth and particularly the curved interdental space where your toothbrush can't get. Interdental brushes have soft filaments which effectively attract and remove sticky plaque deposits.
TePe’s interdental brushes are available in several colour-coded sizes and are also available with a long handle and angled head for diffcult to reach places.
TePe brushes have a plastic coated wire for safe and gentle cleaning. The interdental brushes can also be used for cleaning around implants or braces.
Juliette will advise on the size and technique
for each type of space between teeth,
implants and braces.
Interdental Brushes : Curaprox iWave
Curaprox iWave brushes are colour coded for size. They have a soft bendable silicone handle with an easy grip design. The fine bristles reach all the critical areas between the teeth and have excellent tension. They expand to fill the gaps between the teeth, cleaning effectively and gently thanks to this umbrella effect.

Exclusive to CURAPROX: CURAL® surgical wire is extremely fine and strong – and CURAL® is nickel-free, which makes it suitable for allergy-sufferers.

The conical design of the fine wire core prevents premature breakage and also extends service life of the head. Each brush is supplied with a hygienic cap.

Juliette will advise on the size and technique
for each type of space between teeth,
implants and braces.
Interdental Cleaning : Oral-B Pro-Health Floss
Dental floss is reccommended for areas in between the teeth that are too tight for interdental brushes. 
Oral-B Pro-Health dental floss is a flat ribbon type made from PTFE tape. making this floss kind and gentle on the gum and safer to use where gum pocketing and inflammation is present.


Glide Floss Picks provide a pre threaded piece of Pro-Health floss on a convienient handle, making flossing much easier in hard to reach places.

Juliette will advise on the type of floss and technique for each space
between teeth, bridges, implants and braces.
Oral Irrigators : Waterpik Water Flosser

The pulsating action of an irrigator is the key to what helps clear dental debris and food particles. The streams of water are gentle and the powerful and targeted action of the water jet works  well to disrupt the most difficult to reach areas of the mouth and also irrigate gum (periodontal) pockets.


The Waterpik® Ultra Water Flosser  includes ten pressure settings,  a

covered reservoir with in-lid tip storage, and six unique tips. The

reservoir can be filled with warm water or a mouthwash.


The Waterpik® Water Flosser is clinically proven to be more effective

than traditional dental floss for reducing plaque and gingivitis. And it's

perfect for anyone with braces or implants, and those with crowns,

bridges, and veneers.


Juliette will demonstrate the best technique for you.

Oral Irrigators : Philips AirFloss

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro, a unique interdental cleaner that reaches places your toothbrush can't.


The  triple-burst technology delivers three bursts of air and liquid micro-droplets to disrupt and remove plaque along the gumline and in hard-to-reach areas.

The high-performance nozzle feautures a soft tip for comfort and a specially

shaped tip for wider spray to cover more tooth and gum surface. The 

high-performance nozzle amplifies the power of the air and micro-droplet

technology to flush out gum pockets and breakdown plaque accummulation.


AirFloss Pro can be used with mouthwash or water and is clinically proven to

be as effective as floss for gum health.


Juliette will demonstrate the best technique for you.

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