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Juliette in the Media

As a Dental Hygienist and Nutritionist Juliette has been involved as a consultant to a number of multi national organisations including Bel Group,Wrigley, GSK, Philips and the Slendertone Group.

Smiling Britain: The European Platform for Better Oral Health


The findings of a major report on the State of Oral Health in Europe were debated on World Oral Health Day (12thSeptember) in the UK Parliament. MPs and dental experts gathered at the Smiling Britain roundtable convened by Wrigley and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare to discuss the report, issued by The Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe.


Professor Ken Eaton, President of the European Association of Dental Public Health Chair of European Platform for Better Oral Health lead the discussion on the report. He was joined by experts including Dr Nigel Carter, Chief Executive at British Dental Health Foundation and dental hygienist, Juliette Reeves, for a wide-ranging discussion aimed at identifying how the priorities the report sets out can be applied by dental professionals in the UK.




Nutritional Supplements


As part of the Slendertone Expert Advisory Group, Juliette talks about nutritonal supplements for healthy skin, hair, nails, teeth and gums !

Improving Circulation


Juliette discusses nutrition for skin health and circulation

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