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Natural Support Of Conventional Treatment


Herbs and Essential Oils


Herbs with medicinal properties are a useful and effective source of treatment for various disease processes. Many drugs used in Western medical science have their origin in medicinal plants. Herbs and essential oils are powerful healing agents and must be used appropriately. Always know what you are taking. Keep in mind that not all plant life is beneficial. Certain herbs may be toxic, especially when used over a long period of time or in too great amounts. Herbs and oils  contain active ingredients that may interact negatively with prescribed medications or other remedies. It is wise, therefore, to consult a health-care professional in situations in which you question the appropriateness of the herb or its interaction with other medications.


The only effective long-term treatment of gum disease is to deal with its underlying causes and to keep the teeth and gums clean. Good oral hygiene includes regular professional cleanings. Such cleanings are extremely important at the first sign of gingivitis. Be aware that each stage of gum disease requires a different type of cleaning. For early-stage gingivitis, a single regular professional cleaning is usually sufficient.



Periodontitis and advanced periodontitis require more than a routine cleaning. Bacteria has caused a build-up of plaque and tartar deep into the gum tissue and on the tooth root. Depending on the extent of the infection, the amount of plaque and tartar, and the depth of the pockets, the procedure may require one or more visits. Local anesthetic may be used during this procedure and you be may referred to a periodontist for deep-cleanings or for surgery to remove diseased gum tissue and to reshape the bone. However, surgery will not bring about a permanent cure unless the cause of the disease is determined and eliminated. In the case of advanced periodontitis, splinting the teeth (holding several teeth in place by means of a wire, plastic, or resin material) and bone and gum grafting may also be considered.


(Excerpted from The Complete Book of Dental Remedies by Flora Parsa Stay, DDS, ©1996. Published by Avery Publishing, New York.

Juliette's Choice

Below is a list of products Juliette frequently uses in the treatment and prevention of dental health problems. Juliette will advise on how best to use these products including timing and dose.

Toothpaste : Toms of Maine

For over 40 years Tom's of Maine has been producing products from natural ingredients. The Natural Toothpaste range includes pastes that are SLS and Fluoride Free.


For those who wish to avoid Sodium Fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash, Toms of Maine use Calcium Fluoride in their preparations. Calcium fluoride is a naturally occurring  compound of calcium and fluorine which occurs naturally as the mineral fluorite – also called fluorspar.


Calcium Fluoride  (CaF2)  is considered the least toxic, and even relatively harmless due to its extreme insolubility.  Calcium fluoride is the form of fluoride commonly found in natural, untreated waters and id a good alternative to Sodium Fluoride.

Mouthwash : Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouthrinse

The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse is an herbal/botanical remedy clinically tested at NYU Dental School and proven effective  among people suffering from bleeding gums. The product contains a unique combination of medicinal herbs plus the time-tested therapeutic value of 20% purified Aloe vera.  This product does not contain alcohol, artificial colours, flavors or preservatives.


Research has suggested this combination of botanicals and essential oils is as effective as chlorhexidine for some bacteria implicated in gum disease (periodontal pathogens). Click Here and Here


The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse comes in two natural flavours with Aloe Vera Gel 20% as the active ingredient.


Directions: Shake well before use. Adults use 1 capful twice daily or as directed. Rinse for a minimum of 30 seconds. Do not rinse with water. Preferably do not eat or drink for 20 mins afterwards.


For a complete list of ingredients Click Here


Mouthwash :Gengigel Mouthwash

Gengigel is a patented, naturally-active product suitable for most common oral conditions associated with soreness and inflammation and is used to help protect and heal after many dental procedures.


Hyaluronan – nature's healer. All Gengigel products contain high quality, high molecular weight Hyaluronan (also known as Hyaluronic acid). Hyaluronan has been described as 'nature's healer' and is a glycosaminoglucan (GAG) found abundantly in all healthy connective tissues.


Protects and Heals - Protects and heals after many dental procedures• Patented high molecular weight Hyaluronan• Supports healing• Relieves soreness and stops minor bleeding• Natural dental care• No drug contraindications; suitable for all.

Indications: Gengigel is suitable for treating mouth ulcers, sore tongue, mouth and throat soreness and is useful after deep periodontal cleaning treatments. Click Here. Research also suggests Gengigel as being as effective as chlohexidine for some bacteria implicated in gum disease (periodontal pathogens) Click Here. Gengigel is also useful in the treatment of Lichen Plannus Click Here for more information. Gengigel is also available as a gel.


Directions: Adults and children over 12 years follow the advice of your dental or other healthcare professional. If you are using the product without taking advice:• Rinse mouth with 10ml for 1-2 minutes, repeat 3 or 4 times daily. Use daily for up to four weeks. Can be used regularly to maintain healthy gums.


For a more information Click Here


Probiotics :Biogaia ProDentis


BioGaia ProDentis : is a clinically proven, practical and safe supplement for patients with gum problems. BioGaia ProDentis contains the natural bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri Prodentis and does not discolor teeth, does not affect the taste and does not irritate the mucosa in the oral cavity.


Gum Disease: It is known that both the host and bacteria contributes to development of gum problems. The presence of pathogenic (disease causing)  bacteria, the lack of beneficial bacteria and the host’s susceptibility are key factors for periodontal disease. Traditional treatment often focuses on reducing the bacteria that cause gum disease (periodontal pathogens) with mechanical cleaning and hygiene instructions. This reduces the amount of pathogenic bacteria but only temporarily as they quickly recolonize the oral cavity. Research  suggests that treatment instead should restore the balance of the disturbed oral flora by for example adding beneficial bacteria.


Research: There are more than 20 published studies with Lactobacillus reuteri prodentis. Research shows  that L. reuteri Prodentis was the only probiotic effective in patients with chronic periodontitis. ProDentis has been shown to produce results  similar to those of  systemic antibiotics. Click Here.   L. reuteri-containing lozenges may be a useful agent to slow recolonisation and improve clinical outcomes of chronic periodontitis. Click Here  and ProDentis  L. reuteri decreases bleeding in patients with gingivitis. Click Here


Directions – Following a deep cleaning program Biogaia ProDentis lozenges should be disolved slowlyn in the mouth. For adults use one lozenge daily for 3 months following periodontal treatment. Juliette will reccommend a treatment program tailored to your needs.

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