Lifetime Achievement Award 2014


The Barbican in central London played host to the 2014 Dental Hygiene and Therapy awards. To close the ceremony, an award for outstanding contribution to dental hygiene and therapy went to  hygienist and trained nutritionist with over thirty years experience Juliette Reeves.


As Juliette walked to receive her award the entire room was upstanding, it was a fantastic moment for the profession.



EMS Swiss Implant Cleaning


Bacterial plaque and calculus accumulate on implants, just as they do on natural teeth. If implants are left without regular cleaning and maintenance, such bacterial deposits may lead to inflammation, peri-implantitis and, in the end, to implant loss. 

With professional maintenance and proper home care, implants can last for a lifetime.


Juliette uses the latest Swiss Piezon implant cleaning from EMS to effecively debride implant surfaces. The smooth surface coating and gentle tip motion combine to deliver greater comfort and the safe cleaning  of implant surfaces and cosmetic restorations.



EMS Swiss Implant Cleaning


Upon the removal of hard deposits, regular recall with AIR-FLOW PERIO will eliminate biofilm and help to prevent mucositis and peri-implantitis.


The unique PERIO-FLOW Swiss Implant cleaning system delivers a gentle spray of glycine-based PERIO Powder to the implant surface and the soft tissues are preserved.


Juliette uses the latest  AIR-FLOW Implant system to ensure efficient & safe plaque removal from implant surfaces with total patient comfort.



EMS Swiss AirPolishing



Prevention is the key for long-term healthy gums and teeth. Regular stain removal helps prevent the build up of plaque and calculus on the teeth, keeping your gums healthy and breath fresh!


Upon the removal of hard deposits, regular hygiene visits with AIR-FLOW SOFT will remove staining and eliminate plaque and bacteria without damaging the tooth surface. 


Juliette uses the latest Swiss AirFlow system to gently remove stains from natural teeth, crowns, bridges and cosmetic fillings and restorations.

Juliette Reeves

 UK Dental Hygienist


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